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One of the key benefits of a club is that we continue to learn and leverage on each others' knowledge, deal flow and sharing. If you are looking to invest together with like minded angels, join us! We are the most active angel club in South-east Asia and collectively, our members have invested >$30M into startups since inception in 2018.

Quality of Our Deal Flow

AngelCentral receives >800 startup applications annually. All applications are reviewed and curated by our partners personally. Selected startups are either featured on our platform, or invited to our monthly pitch based on their fundraising readiness and potentials. Till date, we have featured >800 startups on our platform, and each year, we invite 40-45 startups to pitch to our members.

startups vetted yearly
startups featured
startups pitched yearly

To get a sense of our curation standard, we did a benchmarking and review exercise to understand how those companies that had ever pitched with us are doing now. In summary, our tracking shows that our curation is working and is of good standards. But please see the article for detailed analysis and TVPI estimates.

Angel Learning
Our angel investment returns review on AngelCentral syndicated deals
A true test of whether AngelCentral is effective can be seen not just in our membership base and strong funding numbers, but also in the returns which our angels get when they participate in AngelCentral syndicates...

Angel Investment Syndication

We know that you may not be a full time angel investor, our syndication service is your greatest hack for angel investing. If you have not heard of syndication, click on the article below to understand more. Since inception, AngelCentral has helped setup and maintain several syndicates for startups and angel investors successfully.

Angel Learning
Syndication is the single greatest hack for Angel Investing
Having just joined the angel investment scene about a month ago, I am amazed at the number of things investors have to understand and be aware of...
Angel Learning
What is Angel Investment Syndication?
Angels provide pre-seed fundings to startups to aid their early stage developments. Angels can come together to invest as a group for various benefits...

MasterClass Series, Deep Dive Workshops & Events

Over 1000+ angel investors has been trained through our MasterClass Series workshops which consists of angel investments fundamentals, due diligence, portfolio tracking and more. We also gather industry experts to our Deep Dive Series which educate angel investors on evaluating startups in a particular sector or vertical. We have so far, ran deep dives for sectors such as the Logistics, PropTech, FinTech and more. We understand that you may run a busy schedule, so we have recorded videos which we put up on our platform where you can view a library of videos anytime at your own pace.

Here's a preview of one of our events.

Fellow Angel Investor's Stories

Interview with an Angel
Victor Quah
In this session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with full-time angel investor, Victor Quah. Victor is a Malaysian angel that actively invests...
Interview with an Angel
Syed Ali Abbas
In this session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with Syed Ali Abbas, Chief Strategy Officer of Epitome...
Interview with an Angel
Vincent Ko
In the first session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with Vincent Ko. Vincent was a serial entrepreneur and has exited...

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