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Syndication is considered the single greatest hack for Angel Investing especially for new angel investors. If you have not heard of syndication, here's a more detailed explaination of what angel syndication is about and our FAQs. Since inception, AngelCentral has helped setup and maintain several syndicates for startups and angel investors successfully.

invested through the syndicates

Here are some syndicates we worked with recently

E-Commerce, Consumer Products (Female)
PSLove is a new-age consumer brand for female essential products specializing in pain relief patches for menstrual cramps, neck aches, back aches, and knee pains for females.

Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Victor Quah Victor Quah

Parcel Perform
Parcel Perform
Logistics, E-Commerce
Parcel Perform is the leading, carrier-independent parcel tracking software platform for e-commerce merchants covering more than 600 logistics carriers worldwide.

Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Sam Gibb Sam Gibb

Auk Industries
Auk Industries
Data Management and Analytics, IoT (Industrial), SAAS (Business)
Auk Industries specializes in Industrial IoT systems akin to 'Fitbit-for-machines' which deploys in minutes to stream equipment stats real-time for cloud-enabled Ops analytics.
Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Lim Der Shing Lim Der Shing
Neuron Mobility
Neuron Mobility
Electric Mobility, Mobility Sharing, Micro-EV charging, Transport IoT
Neuron is an electric mobility technology pioneer based in SG and SG's largest electric scooter sharing system with an innovative dock optional service model that bring benefits to both consumers as well as city governments.

Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Joel Yarbrough Joel Yarbrough

BioTech / MedTech, Healthcare Tech, Medical Devices / Medical IoT
KroniKare is an award-winning AI-driven company, with its first marketed product KroniKare Wound Scanner, a globally patented technology and the first AI-based HSA Class B diagnostic tool registered in Singapore.

Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Huang Shao-Ning Huang Shao-Ning

Ion Mobility
Ion Mobility
Energy, Environmental, Renewal Technologies, Hardware, IoT (Consumer)
Ion Mobility is Southeast Asia's leading EV mobility technology startup that is building price-to-performance superior, smart/connected alternatives to gasoline motorcycles in the 110-250cc segment.

Syndicate Lead:
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Toh Ting Feng Toh Ting Feng

Hear from the founder yourselves

AngelCentral Singapore Startup Rapid Rabbits
Karan Bhardwaj
Founder & CEO, RaRa Delivery
I met Der Shing when we were raising our angel round. He not only invested in our angel round but also led the Angel Central Syndicate for our seed round. He has been with us ever since advising at every step along the way. Coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds themselves, both Der Shing and Shao Ning understand the challenges that founders face. AC has a strong community of active angels that understand the ecosystem and are great strategic value add to the business as well. The fund raising process was fairly straightforward and efficient. We are deeply grateful to Der Shing, Shao Ning and the whole AC team for all their support.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup WORQ
Stephanie Ping
CEO & Cofounder, WORQ
I was very confident that we were able to raise successfully on AngelCentral because of its reputation for effectiveness. Little did I know that, even in the midst of the Covid-19 disaster, and only being able to pitch to their investors on Zoom instead of in person, we were still able to raise with them successfully! That is testimony to how effective AngelCentral is! I was completely and utterly impressed and would recommend this to anyone in the startup community.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Auk Industries
Samuel Tan
CEO & Cofounder, Auk Industries
Unlike most venture capital funds, AngelCentral (AC) is a unique community of brilliant individual investors happy to put their “skin-in-the-game” for front row seats (or even roll-up their sleeves) in the amazing world of startups. Notably, AC is founded by a committed team, including Der-shing, who have been on the other-side-of-the-table as entrepreneurs themselves. We enjoyed the highly efficient fund-raise process and many value-adding conversations with the people we met before, during, and after closing the round.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup boxgreen
Walter Oh
Co-founder, Boxgreen
Kudos to the AngelCentral team for putting this round together so quickly. Dershing and Shao-Ning has been instrumental in making our fundraising happen. They are very hands-on and available throughout the process and have been a great advisor post-funding round. Appreciate it!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Parcel Perform
Dr. Arne Jeroschewski
Founder & CEO, Parcel Perform
AngelCentral is a powerful community of angels here in Singapore. We appreciate the efficient process of securing investments for our high growth business, and would recommend every founder in Singapore to explore a way to work with AngelCentral.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Tribehired
Devan Singaram
Founder of TribeHired
Dershing, as a mentor from the AngelCentral team got us focused right from our first meeting. From how we saw our revenue growth, review of our product, and our company positioning within the recruitment space. And the advice has continued, post funding. So, I would say funding was only one of the factors that was brought to the table, as he brings experience on-board with his recruitment background, and exiting his company.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Homi
Amar Dhillon
CEO & founder of Homi
AngelCentral take a very proactive approach to help startups get access to funds through their network of angels. They also bring first-hand entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to the table which ultimately benefits founders. They helped bridge the gap for us to close our seed round through leading an AngelCentral-led investment syndicate. I'd highly recommend them to any founders that are interested in meeting high-quality angel investors and are looking to leverage AngelCentral's knowledge on Angel Investing.
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