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Our goal is to help startups find good quality angels easily. As not all angels are the same, you will want those who fit your circumstances. First-time founders may look for angels who can help with finances and referrals to individuals in their network. A more experienced founder may be looking for connections and network to accelerate growth.

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Total Round Size: US$1,000,000
Nalagenetics is a Singapore-based genetic testing startup built with the goal to reduce adverse drug reactions and increase prescription efficacy through genetic testing and information management systems.
Total Round Size: US$437,000
TribeHired is the first talent marketplace in South East Asia that helps talent not only get offers from IT companies who are competing to hire them, but also to get better at their skills and increase their value.
Neuron Mobility
Neuron Mobility
Electric Mobility, Mobility Sharing, Micro-EV charging, Transport IoT
Total Round Size: US$3,500,000
Neuron is an electric mobility technology pioneer based in SG and SG's largest electric scooter sharing system with an innovative dock optional service model that bring benefits to both consumers as well as city governments.

Hear it from them yourselves

AngelCentral Singapore Startup Homage
Gillian Tee
Co-founder, Homage
They are the best angel funders and advisors any founder can hope for. They are that type of rare-breed investors that add value from their “been there done that” experience, having founded and scaled their own successful company beforehand. They were one of Homage’s earliest investors and have really helped moved the needle for us, from their central startup and VC network to advice on operations and growth to fundraising. Could not recommend them strongly enough!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Musiio
Hazel Savage
CEO and Co-Founder, Musiio
AngelCentral provides a professional and yet relaxed atmosphere for startups to pitch. I really enjoyed meeting the other founders and pitching at the Friday event. Even better, AngelCentral brings together some of Singapore's best and top quality Angel Investors in a tech-driven environment. I'd happily recommend other startup CEOs looking for funding to pitch at Angel Central.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup EngageRocket
Leong Chee Tung
CEO & Co-founder, EngageRocket
EngageRocket has had the privilege of participating in the pilot AngelCentral pitch session. Participating in the first Angel Central session inundated us with angel investor meetings and we closed the round within a month over-subscribed. So happy to see their passion for supporting the startup ecosystem in Singapore is coming to fruition with the formal launch of AngelCentral!"
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Nimbus For Work
Daniel Thong
Founder, NimbusforWork
After pitching at Angel Central, within a couple of weeks, we had an oversubscribed round. On top of that, we also welcomed many strategic investors and family offices who have been so helpful to our business. Thank you AngelCentral!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Mavenful
Waël Nasr
AngelCentral helped me to interact with investors from various backgrounds in one place, and eventually get funding. The organization was smooth, fast and provided feedbacks to founders - exactly what is needed when fundraising.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup iMotorbike
Gil Carmo
Founder, iMotorbike
Was an absolute pleasure to attend the invitation to present and what we do at AngelCentral's monthly event. It's a very bright setup of startups and angel investors that come together through them.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Klaud9
Isabel Gonzalez
CEO, Klaud9
Thanks for allowing me to pitch at AngelCentral. They have an excellent network of business angels on board that have a substantial budget to invest in start-ups. We got 2 great investors on board that are not only contributing from an investment perspective but also from a networking perspective. Thanks guys!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Homsters
Andrew Olejnik
Founder, CEO, Homsters
We love working with AngelCentral: very professional approach, organized process, professional pool of investors and a lot of support for the participating startups! Would recommend to any entrepreneur!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup AiChat
Kester Poh
Co-Founder, CEO, AiChat
AngelCentral is a great platform for startups, it connects us with the right investors who truly understand our product and help bring AiChat to the next level. Thanks Der Shing and team!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Tribehired
Devan Singaram
Founder of TribeHired
Dershing, as a mentor from the AngelCentral team got us focused right from our first meeting. From how we saw our revenue growth, review of our product, and our company positioning within the recruitment space. And the advice has continued, post funding. So, I would say funding was only one of the factors that was brought to the table, as he brings experience on-board with his recruitment background, and exiting his company.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Caelus Tech
Morris He
Founder & CEO of Caelus Tech
AngelCentral organized an amazing fundraising pitch for us on 25th Jan 2019. I really enjoined this pitch event where I met fellow ambitious founders and aggressive investors from different countries. AngelCentral gathers top angel investors for deep-tech startups. It is my great pleasure to recommend other startup founders to pitch at AngelCentral for looking for funds.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Noviscient
Scott Treloar
Founder of Noviscient
We participated in the AngelCentral programme because of the experience of the team running the programme. While they were helping us understand how the programme worked, we were also getting valuable advice on growing our business. AngelCentral is genuinely bringing a group of serious angel investors together to help build out early-stage investing in SouthEast Asia. We were very impressed by the quality of these investors and absolutely recommend this path for startups looking for angel or seed funding.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup StyleMyle
Mazen Kurdy
CEO & founder of Stylemyle
Stylemyle had the privilege of being selected to pitch to Angel Central's curated group of investors. We were pleased with the process and have been contacted by several investors since... I would like to thank Teck and the rest of the Angel Central team for their advice and feedback. It is an invaluable process and I highly recommend other startups to apply!
AngelCentral Singapore Startup NewCampus
Will Fan
Co-founder of NewCampus
Having a group of 40 sophisticated angels and potential partners in a room is all you need to get the ball rolling for your next fundraising round. While I was hesitant to make the deposit, seeing the professionalism from the management team, coordination of the pitch event, and having >10 angels follow up shortly after made it well worth the investment. I’m looking forward to staying connected to such a tight community of bright minds, and being part of a strong ecosystem of startups, investors, mentors and advisors.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Homi
Amar Dhillon
CEO & founder of Homi
AngelCentral take a very proactive approach to help startups get access to funds through their network of angels. They also bring first-hand entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to the table which ultimately benefits founders. They helped bridge the gap for us to close our seed round through leading an AngelCentral-led investment syndicate. I'd highly recommend them to any founders that are interested in meeting high-quality angel investors and are looking to leverage AngelCentral's knowledge on Angel Investing.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Botsync
Rahul Nambiar
Co-founder, Botsync
Angel Central provides a great platform for entrepreneurs to pitch to an experienced group of angel investors and industry experts. We were able to connect with some amazing investors who have experienced the journey of launching and scaling their own startups.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Roceso Technologies
Jane Wang
Co-founder & CEO, Roceso Technologies
AngelCentral's pitch event provided us with a great platform to share our company with potential angel investors. It also gave angel investors a great exposure to high-quality startups in Singapore and the region. I hope the AngelCentral network grows stronger and continue benefiting the startup ecosystem.
AngelCentral Singapore Startup Ento
Kevin Wu
Founder & CEO, Ento
I’m really glad to have raised my seed round with AngelCentral. I found the entire process simple and straightforward. In comparison to similar angel pitches that I’ve done in the past, I found the format of the pitch is both founder and investor friendly.
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