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A) Investment Opportunities 
Invite to pitch sessions
Remote attendance via video/tele conferencing
Participate in AngelCentral's syndicate investment opportunities
Platform - Access to startup companies curated by AngelCentral partners
Platform - Startup watchlist & updates notification
Platform - Post-pitch video recordings in case you miss the pitch day
Login access 1 user (fixed) 1 user (fixed) Up to 3 reps (fixed) Up to 3 reps (fixed)
Additional Logins NA Each additional user @ $500 per annum Each additional user @ $500 per annum Each additional user @ $500 per annum
B) Syndication Support 
Participate in AC syndicates
Post investment SPV updates (quarterly)
SPV documents storage
C) Learning & Workshops 
Complimentary MasterClass series
Complimentary Deep Dive workshops
Platform access to past workshop video recordings
D) Networking & Others 
Members get-togethers
Quarterly newsletter on AngelCentral updates and Angel Investing intelligence reports and market insights
Other benefits
E) Publicity & Outreach 
Listing of logo on AngelCentral website and most collaterals
2 x dedicated emailer to members
Speaking Opportunities
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Hear it from fellow AngelCentral Investors

AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Zubin
Zubin Gandevia
Founder, Venture Catalyst Investments Pte Ltd
I have been a member for just a few days and am already impressed by the way the information is presented - relevant, concise, standardised data/insights/videos/terms. All of this leads to an excellent experience!
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Saurav
Saurav Bhattacharyya
CEO, Proxtera
Angelcentral is the best regional platform for anyone wanting to get started, or grow their journey as an angel investor. I find that that AC is a good mix of true "Angels" - that support founders, and professional "Angels" that are also here to make a financial return (not a bad thing at all!). As a researcher turned entrepreneur (and now also an investor), beyond hearing and interacting with founders and potential investee companies; I also enjoy having the privilege to hear fellow angel's thoughts and questions to the founders. The diversity of the investors is truly a learning experience that I cherish on AngelCentral. The online platform is also a godsend, allowing one to do their own diligence in their own time and space. Keep up the great work Shao-Ning, Dershing, Teck Moh!
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Suthesh
Suthesh Arthur Selvaratnam
Vice President, Commercial (Asia Pacific), AERCAP (NYSE Listed)
When I first got into angel investing in 2018 I was involved in several angel clubs. Within the first 18mths, it was clear that AngelCentral stood out in terms of (1) quality of deal flow, (2) dedication of the founders (from training members to developing a good network of quality angels) and (3) showing a little more conservatism in deal/founder assessments. Out of the 10 start up investments I have made to date, 5 are through syndicates. And all 5 syndicated investments have been via AngelCentral. For those who are serious about angel investing, I reckon that you can’t go wrong with AngelCentral.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Lance
Lance Quek
Managing Partner, Blackforest Global Management
Having been a member of AngelCentral for almost 5 years, I would say AngelCentral is a place for new angels to get started to understand more about this opportunity, as well as experienced angels to get high quality curated deal flow. Our firm has co-invested on a number of occasions with AngelCentral, and I must say that under Der Shing, Shao-Ning and Teck Moh’s leadership and the collective intelligence of the community, I have learnt much and built a strong and resilient angel investment portfolio over time. Many thanks to the AngelCentral team.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Matthew Sng
Matthew Sng
Managing Director, Advance Medical and Dental Group
I have been a member of AngelCentral for a few years and can vouch for the quality of their seminars, syndicates, events, and curated startups. A good proportion of my portfolio companies were sourced at AngelCentral, either through their syndications or pitch days. Angel investing is heavily dependent on the founders. The AngelCentral partners have been following many of the founders for years. Similarly, through AC events, I have met many other angels who are plugged into the scene. The inputs from people I have met at AC were tremendously helpful in my decision making.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Vittorio Furlan
Vittorio Furlan
Angel Investor
AngelCentral is the go-to place for new and experienced Angel Investors: they offer a variety of investment training and industry workshops, manage a deal flow with monthly pitches, organize investment syndicates, and give you a network in South East Asia.
500 startups
Khailee Ng
Managing Partner, 500 Startups
Because firm frequently co-invests with angel investors, AngelCentral has been pivotal in providing us additional high quality deal flow. We share deals with each other, exchange feedback, and learn from one another. It’s so valuable.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Sam Gibb
Sam Gibb
Managing partner, Endeavour Ventures
It's difficult to know where to start when you want to get into angel investing. As a result, it's better to have a community around you. The guys at AngelCentral, have built a strong community that they're supporting through supplementary educational events. As a result of the pre-screening process, the quality of start-ups that pitch are typically high quality. For those that are tied poor but want to understand more about the eco-system, this makes it the ideal venue to dip a toe in or dive in and get involved!
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Lim Qing Ru
Lim Qing Ru
Director, True Global Ventures 4 Plus
Out of the 18 startups I've invested in so far, 3 are from AngelCentral and these deals happened over the last 3 months. AngelCentral has matured under Der-Shing and Shaoning's strong leadership, and the quality of deal flow has improved as a result. Putting my money where my mouth is, I'll definitely subscribe as a Seraph member again next year!
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Mikael Krogh
Mikael Krogh
Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate
As one that has been a partaker of AngelCentral's pitch events from the beginning, and as a result invested in two of the companies pitching, I can with verification vouch for the quality of companies being presented. The level of quality is thanks to the community of AngelCentral and not the least because of Dershing and Shao-Ning's network and experience. Happy to be a small part of AngelCentral!
AngelCentral Singapore Corporate Investor Jane Prior
Jane Prior
Partner, Rapzo Capital
In a world that is crowded with possibilities, AngelCentral has been an excellent partner working through the “noise” in the market to identify, curate and present high potential startups as investment opportunities. They definitely help us by widening our reach…
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Victor Quah
Victor Quah
AngelCentral has not only been able to offer quality deal flows but also provide essential educational materials that enhances my knowledge as an investor.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Jonathan Hacon
Jonathan Hacon
Active Angel Investor
AngelCentral is a great place to meet interesting and innovative startups as well as network with like-minded investors.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin
CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Brotzeit
Over the past 18 months, Angel Central has provided me access to Angel Investing education and to great start ups. Their selection is well curated at all events - and as a bonus, everybody is friendly and down to earth. I recommend the membership to all Angels, whether beginners or experienced.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Juha Paananen
Juha Paananen
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Operating Advisor, Monk's Hill Ventures
AngelCentral does groundbreaking work connecting Singapore entrepreneurs and angel investors. It provides great value to Singapore's startup ecosystem.
AngelCentral Singapore Angel Investor Lim Yuin Pin
Lim Yuin Pin
Managing Director, Pirtek Asia Pte Ltd
Angel Central offers the right formula: learning workshops, quality deal flows and syndication opportunities. I highly recommend AC to aspiring angels.