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Neuron Mobility
Electric Mobility, Mobility Sharing, Micro-EV charging, Transport IoT
Other Investors: SeedPlus, 500 Startups, SEEDS Capital, ACE Capital
Total Round Size: US$3,500,000
Neuron is an electric mobility technology pioneer based in Singapore. Founded in 2016, Neuron operates Singapore's largest electric scooter sharing system with an innovative dock optional service model that bring benefits to both consumers as well as city governments.
Other Investors: East Ventures, Intudo Ventures
Total Round Size: US$1,000,000
Nalagenetics is a Singapore-based genetic testing startup built with the goal to reduce adverse drug reactions and increase prescription efficacy through genetic testing and information management systems.
Other Investors: None (AngelCentral Syndicate)
Total Round Size: US$437,000
TribeHired is the first talent marketplace in South East Asia that helps talent not only get offers from IT companies who are competing to hire them, but also to get better at their skills and increase their value.
Marketing Tech
Other Investors: SGInnovate, Decacorn Capital
Total Round Size: US$747,000
Affable is building the next major digital marketing platform by automating influencer marketing using AI, developing algorithms that profiles influencers and their audience across social media such as Instagram, youtube, twitter, facebook etc.
Other Investors: Seedplus, Found.Ventures
Total Round Size: US$640,000
EngageRocket is a cloud-based software that helps leaders and organisations make better people decisions using real-time data. Through cultural change, organisational transformation, mergers and acquisitions and other key events, companies use EngageRocket to analyse and act on employee feedback.
Parcel Perform
Logistics, E-Commerce
Other Investors: Wavemaker Partners, 500 Durians
Total Round Size: US$1,100,000
Parcel Perform is a Singapore based SaaS start-up that provides e-commerce merchants with all the information needed to manage their e-commerce logistics effectively. It also allows their consumers to benefit from on-time delivery updates and an improved customer service. Parcel Perform collects data from more than 475 carriers worldwide and develops a service offering that can be used by customers all over the globe.
Other Investors: FORUM, Simon Baker
Total Round Size: US$1,600,000
Homsters Company provides a performance marketing real estate marketplace for emerging markets. It provides real estate sellers with a solution to property marketing.