To educate and improve the quality of angels even further, we organise regular angel investment workshops and learning activities for our angels all year round. The workshops are conducted by experienced angels or specialists who will share about the exact frameworks and strategies they personally use. Currently, we offer 2 main tracks of programs, first being our Angel Investing Masterclasses; which are fundamental topics on angel Investments. The second track is our Deep Dive Series, which educates angels on evaluating startups in a particular sector or vertical.

AngelCentral Masterclass Series Webinar: Angel Investing Workshop
AngelCentral Masterclass Series Webinar: Angel Investing Workshop
Saturday, 3 Oct, 9:00 AM
This workshop aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a competent Angel Investor. It covers ecosystem brief, portfolio construction, deal-flow, evaluation methods, and investment process. The trainers are full-time angels with over $5M invested in the startup space.
Here's a glance on some of our past workshops, to view more visit our Facebook page.
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