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Media Release: Angel Investors Slowdown in Response To Economic Uncertainty
8 September 2023
Funding winter has hit home with 31% of angel investors halting or slowing down investments, download the report for more insights!
Media Release: Angel Investing gaining popularity & sophistication alongside ecosystem growth
16 August 2022
AngelCentral, a popular network of angel investors has just released its inaugural Angel Investor Behavioural Survey Report for 2022.
Looking To Invest in Startups? Here’s Everything You Need To Know and Platforms Which Can Help You Do So.
29 Jul 2021
If you are looking to be an angel investor of a startup, here are some platforms that can help you do so.
Straits Times
Singapore entrepreneur Harsh Dalal removed from Forbes list amid reports of unverifiable claims
14 May 2021
Founder of angel network AngelCentral Huang Shao-ning said that most of the VC firms have rather stringent due diligence workflows and spend a good amount of time getting to know founders before investing in start-ups...
Business Times
What's missing in Singapore's startup scene?
14 May 2021
JobsCentral founders Lim Der Shing and Huang Shao-Ning now run AngelCentral, which coaches angel investors and links startups with experienced mentors....
Business Times
Enterprise Singapore launches startup showcase Founder Ignite
23 Feb 2021
Other notable attendees included local and foreign investors and accelerators such as Huang Shao-Ning, chief angel of AngelCentral;...
These are the most active investors in Singapore’s startups
20 Feb 2021
Which investors are the most active in Singapore?
Meet these 10 verified investors that are ready to connect with you
26 Jan 2021
Check out these ten verified investors that you can connect with for advice, mentorship, and fundraising opportunities
ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2020: finalists
3 Nov 2020
The ORIGIN Innovation Awards recognizes outstanding startups, corporates, ecosystem enablers, and movers and shakers in Asia who are poised for growth.
Deal Street Asia
[Updated] SE Asia's VC gender diversity score is out, and it dosen't look too good
24 Aug 2020
The complete list of women VCs who are decision-makers in Southeast Asia...
Straits Times
Singapore start-ups catch investors' eye despite crisis
20 Aug 2020
Ms Huang Shao-ning, partner at angel investor network AngelCentral, said investors have generally been more cautious in recent months given the muddy economic waters, helping to send valuations down by about 20 per cent to 30 per cent.
Dr Wealth
What is Angel Investing in Singapore? 6 Key Lessons.
27 July 2020
The Fundamentals of Angel Investing...
Straits Times
Retooling businesses and raising kids: Mumpreneurs struggle to keep it together
29 Jun 2020
Ms Huang Shao-Ning, chief angel and partner at AngelCentral, a community of angel investors, says mothers have always been expected to be "omnipresent" at home, solving multiple problems.
The Edge
Cover Story: What should angels do in troubled times?
22 Apr 2020
AngelCentral addressed this issue by supporting syndication rounds that offered "bite-sized" investment opportunities to angels.
How startups and investors can survive financially in any crisis
17 Apr 2020
My cost-cutting strategies may be a bit extreme, but it’s actually how most profitable small and medium-sized enterprises run. It’s time our startups learn to do the same.
Stepping Up: VCs in Southeast Asia roll out initiatives to support startups during COVID-19
8 Apr 2020
Singaporean angel investor AngelCentral assembled a list of resources on available grants and documentation for the community.
Discipline is the name of the game as startup valuations soar
13 Jan 2020
"Over the last couple of years, more and more investors are keen on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, especially at the early stages," said Huang Shao-Ning, founder and chief angel of AngelCentral, an angel investment network based in Singapore.
'Cash flow is king': How startups can keep a positive cash flow
22 Jun 2019
“If there is one thing that I would like you to remember from my class, it's that cash flow is king.”
Angel Investing: How Risky Is It for an Investor?
11 Jun 2019
A huge number of startups and unicorns have been popping up in South-east Asia and that has fuelled a wave of angel investing clubs in Singapore. Huang Shao-Ning, Partner and Chief Angel of AngelCentral, together with other angel clubs share more about the risks and how to get an angel to invest in the company.
Business Times
As unicorns emerge, angels gather for the hunt
31 May 2019
THE emergence of South-east Asian "unicorns" has fuelled a wave of angel investing clubs in Singapore that cater to wealthy individuals hoping to capture their own magical startup. Among the newly-incepted organisations are AngelCentral...
Interesting Asia
AngelCentral wants to provide female angel investors with their wings
3 May 2019
"Personally, I am on a quest at AngelCentral to find more women angel investors. When we have more women angels, we increase the chance women-led startups have of being able to meet with and be vetted by potential investors," Shao-Ning says...
The Edge Singapore
AngelCentral builds 'kampong' for angel investors and start-up community
29 April 2019
Entrepreneurs motivated by what they see as the next big thing are not the only driving force of a thriving start-up ecosystem.
AngelCentral: Growing startups through angel investing
4 February 2019
As part of their main activities, AngelCentral organises regular curated pitch sessions and angel education workshops here in Singapore to promote good and effective practices in angel investing.
6 Inspiring Women Changing Tech and Business This New Year
11 January 2019
Shao-Ning Huang is currently the chief angel and co-founder of AngelCentral, a Singapore-based community that manages and facilitates angel investments across Southeast Asia.
Deal Street Asia
SG’s Cocoon Capital launches $20m second fund, eyes Vietnam, PH, Myanmar
26 November 2018
"There is very little funding available for a lot of early-stage companies," said Michael Blakey, co-founder at Cocoon Capital. "The good thing is there are a number of angel networks formed by Angel Central.
Only Info Tech
The Angel Investor’s Cheat Sheet To Successful Portfolio Building
29 October 2018
One of the key messages we emphasize to participants at AngelCentral’s workshops is that that angel investing is an illiquid and binary activity that is highly risky. This is why we believe that portfolio sizing is something very important that all angel investors should do.
Honouring the B2B Influencers in Singapore
27 July 2018
Currently, Mr Lim runs AngelCentral together with his cofounder Huang Shao Ning. Together they are active angel investors and have invested in over 30 regional startups and VCs.
Straits Times
It Changed My Life: Power couple spread their angel wings
22 July 2018
That led them to start AngelCentral, which offers services including start-up deal flow, angel education and syndication services. He acknowledges that not everyone has the means to be an angel investor. "But Singaporeans who have done well can perhaps find a new purpose in retirement or semi-retirement as angel investors."
TODAY Online
Not a millionaire? You can still consider being an angel investor
30 June 2018
Stories abound about angel investors who made fortunes by putting money into start-ups. While more people than before can invest in start-ups, there are still plenty of risks and you’ll need to assess the start-ups carefully before you put money into them.
How Shao-Ning Huang and Lim Der Shing built and sold JobsCentral when there was no ecosystem
25 June 2018
They also set up an angel investment network AngelCentral, with the goal to unite and strengthen relationships between angel investors through workshops.
6 bad angel investor practices that will sabotage a startup's success
13 June 2018
Lim Der Shing, an experienced angel investor in Southeast Asia, has trained over 150 angels in less than 2 years through AngelCentral, with a mission to build an active community of effective and competent angel investors in Southeast Asia.
Business Times
A vision for the future of STEM
6 June 2018
My vision is to build an effective and competent angel community for the South-east Asian region. We can achieve this by providing curated high growth tech-focused deal flows, angel education programmes and angel investment software and syndication support.
Markets Insider
Retired Asia President of Motorola Solutions Joins CEO Coaching International, Strengthening Asia Market Presence
31 May 2018
Phey previously held leadership positions at Motorola, Pacific Internet, Compaq and IBM Singapore. At Motorola Solutions, Phey was credited with rapid growth, grew more than 15% per annum to US$1.1Bn revenue in Asia Pacific.
The Busy Woman Project
Together On Top: Huang Shao-Ning & Lim Der Shing, JobsCentral, AngelCentral, Singapore
10 May 2018
In this interview, we speak to the couple who co-founded JobsCentral - Huang Shao-Ning and Lim Der Shing! Today, the duo runs AngelCentral - a community started in Feb 2017 to facilitate angel investments in Singapore.
Inc. Southeast Asia
How to Choose Your Investors
6 October 2017
One of the most experienced angel investors in Southeast Asia is Lim Der Shing of AngelCentral Investor. Together with his wife, Shing began angel or start-up investing in 2011 and committed more seriously when they retired in 2014.
Asian Money Guide
Huang Shao-Ning, The Angel Investor With A Vision
I just started a new startup to elevate angel investing in Southeast Asia. AngelCentral's goal is to build a competent and effective angel community in Southeast Asia.
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