AngelCentral Members Benefits

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Startup SG EntrePass
Startup SG Entrepass Partner
In recognising the key role AngelCentral plays in our ecosystem, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has appointed AngelCentral to be a Startup SG EntrePass Partner (effective 17 July 2019).

What this means:

  1. We can support our Angels to support their non-SG-resident founder in applying for the EntrePass, and
  2. We can support our non-SG-resident angel-member to apply for this pass too.

Read up on the EntrePass (MOM)

Startup SG Talent (ESG)

While the application is still managed by the Ministry of Manpower, and application eligibility requirement remains the same, our Support will ensure a much shorter processing time (four weeks if via MOM system online, or five weeks via paper application; vs standard eight weeks)

AngelCentral Angels / Seraphs / Corporate Members: send a note to us when you / your startup needs to discuss this. While we can't guarantee the application outcome, we definitely can reduce your waiting time!

AngelCentral Membership Benefits AWS Activate
AWS Activate Benefits

AWS recognises the many potential important roles angels play to startups in the SEA ecosystem. They also see how AngelCentral is working hard to support our members to invest better, and be good cheerleader to the portfolio companies. They have kindly offered a very generous AWS Activate benefits for our Angels to support their investee / portfolio startups.

Drop us an email if you would like to extend the above to startup which you have invested in. All you need to do after that is just forwarding the steps to the startups you want to support to get themselves ACTIVATED!

AngelCentral Membership Benefits EGA Juice
EGA Juice Clinic

EGA is an Ayurveda based juice clinic. A juice detox is a cleansing diet that rids of the toxins inside the body by providing the nutrients needed in a series of cold-pressed bottled juices. These juices are packed with natural, raw and vegan ingredients that help jumpstart the entire body system so that one can start anew.

Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Park Hotel Group
Park Hotel Group

Exclusive for AngelCentral Members! Enjoy discounts on the Best Flexible Rates across 9 unique hotels in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China! Best Flexible rates are free to cancel, 24 hours prior to arrival so that you have the flexibility to amend bookings whenever you need to.

Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Boxgreen

Boxgreen believes healthy snacking can be fun, easy and nutritious! They bring delicious and natural ingredients from around the world into more than 50 wholesome snack creations that are delivered straight to your doorstep. While you're snacking on their wholesome treats, they are building a sustainable business with commitments to responsible sourcing and hiring and giving back to the community. Profits will be reinvested to empowering communities through training programs and employment opportunities.

Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Pitch Day
AngelCentral organises monthly startup pitch event for our members where typically, 4-5 startups looking to fundraise will participate. View here for our pitch day schedule and join us on our coffee chat sessions to understand more about angel investing