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AngelCentral Membership Benefits Startup SG EntrePass

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Startup SG EntrePass

We are an appointed EntrePass Partner

An initiative under Startup SG, EntrePass is a work pass aimed to support foreign founders in establishing innovative tech or venture-backed startups in Singapore. Through EntrePass, you can look forward to join Singapore’s vibrant tech startup community and gain access to networking, fundraising, and co-innovation opportunities. Find out if you are eligible to apply for EntrePass here.

As an EntrePass Partner, foreign founders that have received our endorsement will enjoy additional privileges and have their EntrePass applications prioritised. All criteria for EntrePass remain unchanged.

Endorsed founders/ startups get to enjoy:

  1. Expedited processing of the application, which reduces the timeline from an average of 8-10 weeks to 5-7 weeks
  2. Assistance regarding the application processes with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  3. Support for privileges to bring in dependants

Read up on the EntrePass (MOM)

Startup SG Talent (ESG)

AngelCentral Angels / Corporate Members: send a note to us when you / your startup needs to discuss this. While we can't guarantee the application outcome, we definitely can reduce your waiting time!

AngelCentral Membership Benefits AWS Activate
AWS Activate Benefits

AWS recognises the many potential important roles angels play to startups in the SEA ecosystem. They also see how AngelCentral is working hard to support our members to invest better, and be good cheerleader to the portfolio companies. They have kindly offered a very generous AWS Activate benefits for our Angels to support their investee / portfolio startups.

Drop us an email if you would like to extend the above to startup which you have invested in. All you need to do after that is just forwarding the steps to the startups you want to support to get themselves ACTIVATED!

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Boxgreen

Boxgreen believes healthy snacking can be fun, easy and nutritious! They bring delicious and natural ingredients from around the world into more than 50 wholesome snack creations that are delivered straight to your doorstep. While you're snacking on their wholesome treats, they are building a sustainable business with commitments to responsible sourcing and hiring and giving back to the community. Profits will be reinvested to empowering communities through training programs and employment opportunities.

Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Membership Benefits foptics

foptics knows it is not your fault for needing glasses, so foptics is here to help. At just $35.90 ALL-IN for a pair of frame + lenses, foptics stands up for service, fairness and price transparency for the everyday glasses people. Visit foptics online or at offline stores to get the trendiest looks and make wearing glasses cool again!

Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Membership Benefits Staytion

Staytion is an ecosystem of coworking and lifestyle spaces that cater to the needs of the modern workforce. With Staytion Spaces at MRT stations and more partner spaces islandwide, users have access to a wide range of workspaces, meeting nodes, reading nooks, cafes, and more, providing unparalleled flexibility and affordability.

Get 14-days free trial at staytion spaces. Drop us an email for more information.

AngelCentral Membership Benefits WORQ

WORQ is an award-winning productivity community and flexible workspace provider founded in 2017, in Kuala Lumpur. Up to date, we have achieved x20 times growth across physical and digital space, benefiting 10,000 working individuals through flexible workspace solutions and community building activities.

At WORQ, we believe that the workplace should be flexible and agile so that businesses and individuals achieve greater results by working together. Be it a customisable solution or flexible workspace, we help you to stay relevant and sustainable in your real estate portfolio.

Drop us an email for more information.