Are You Suitable To Be An Angel Investor?

Angel Investing as an investment asset class is commonly regarded as "high risk with high reward". But its high knowledge, illiquidity and binary nature makes it not suitable for some people. Complete this short survey to help you see if you have the right chops to be an angel.

NB: this is purely a marketing survey and does not constitute any financial or risk assessment advice.

1) Are you an Accredited Investor?
2) Are you financially disciplined and have you already established your mid to long term financial goals?
3) Are you financially literate and have you done any investing in traditional asset classes?
4) How do you expect your high risk investments to perform?
5) Your best friend, a top engineer from Google, just quit his job and is now co-founding a startup with two of his Google-mates. He is looking to raise an angel round and has shared his plans and ambitions with you, hoping that you could be an early angel to support him. What's your reply?