AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Legal Workshop for Angels

AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Legal Workshop for Angels

Understanding the legal terms and structures behind each startup investment is complicated, challenging and sometimes overwhelming. However, to be an effective and competent angel, it is crucial angel investors go beyond awareness and focus on understanding. This specially catered online workshop has helped our angels understand the pros and cons of each investment tool, the specific impact of the various terms and clauses, and their rights and obligations as angels. The masterclass also used case studies and group learning exercises which helped our angels to maximise learning and internalise the contents of the workshop.

Content covered:

1. What happens during a typical startup investment process.What goes behind an investment process and what to take note of during each stage. What it actually means for an investment to be completed, how to go about conducting due diligence, and matters of consideration before closing the deal.

2. Capital structure of a company. The various rights and preferences of each investor during a liquidation event, the apparent and subtle differences between ordinary & preferred shares, unsecured debt, etc.

3. The different investment instruments available for startups. The features & pros and cons of each investment instrument that startups can employ, the issues behind and challenges of using SAFE and KISS notes, and the appropriate instrument to use for each scenario of investment.

4. An overview of a typical startup investment contract and walkthrough of the terms behind a Convertible Loan and Convertible Preferred stock agreement. The common terms present in every typical investment agreement, what to look out for, when to employ or modify certain clauses, etc. How to protect yourself as an investor while maximising probability for success at the same time.

About Mr. Jonathan Ang

Mr. Jonathan Ang, who is currently an Investment Director in Tembusu Partners and a Legal Counsel in Blackoak LLC, will be teaching on what goes behind an investment process, the capital structure of a company and the pros and cons of typical investment instruments that a startup can employ. The focus of the session will be on having participants understand the key terms that all angels will encounter in legal agreements, and to know their rights and obligations as investors.

This course is brought to you by AngelCentral, as part of our Angel Education workshops. Our mission is to build a community of effective angel investors in Southeast Asia.

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