Introduction to Angel Investing

You are curious and you have heard a lot about Angel Investing. But is it the right asset class for you?
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Curated Deal Flow

AngelCentral receives >800 startup applications yearly. Upon receiving the applications, our partners will evaluate the startup's fund raising readiness, based on their past experience and knowledge, and decide whether to feature the startup to our members or to invite for pitch. Till date, we have featured >500 startups and each year, we invite at least 40 startups to pitch to our members.

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MasterClass Series, Deep Dive Workshops & Events

AngelCentral has trained >500 potential investors through our MasterClass Series workshops (which cover fundamental angel investment processes and know-how) and quarterly Deep Dive Series (led by thought leaders from the selected topic). Past workshops are recorded and available via our Digital Library and can be assessed at the members' preferred viewing time.

Here's a sneak peek into our workshops and events.

Hear from our past attendees
"The course was structured very well and the content was realistic and practical. I felt the sincerity and honesty from AngelCentral's approach to investing - highlighting all the potential pitfalls and throwing in endless personal anecdotes. This really made me feel connected to the presenters and assured that my interests are well looked after."
Rong Shan Lim, Coal Trader, Golden Energy and Resources Limited
"Practical course. I appreciate Der Shing's candid views about the lessons and mistakes he made along the way. This is also a great way to network."
James Ang, Senior Director, Cloud Computing
"An eye-opening, intensive, fast-paced course for the eager angel investor. Exceeded my expectations. I appreciate Der Shing's frank sharing too."
Michael Lin, Managing Director, Auston Institute of Management

If you would like to learn from experienced angel investors and invest together...

We have the greatest hack for Angel Investing, especially for new angel investors - SYNDICATION

If you have not heard of syndication, click on the article below to understand more. Since inception, AngelCentral has helped setup and maintain several syndicates for startups and angel investors successfully.

Angel Learning
Syndication is the single greatest hack for Angel Investing
Having just joined the angel investment scene about a month ago, I am amazed at the number of things investors have to understand and be aware of...
Angel Learning
What is Angel Investment Syndication?
Angels provide pre-seed fundings to startups to aid their early stage developments. Angels can come together to invest as a group for various benefits...

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Introduction to Angel Investing
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Introduction to Angel Investing
How much do I need for Angel Investing?
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Introduction to Angel Investing
Tax issues to consider for Angel Investors in Singapore and SEA
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Introduction to Angel Investing
What do experienced angels look for in a startup co-founder?
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Introduction to Angel Investing
Angel Investing: How Risky Is It for an Investor?
A huge number of startups and unicorns have been popping up in South-east Asia and that has fuelled a wave of angel investing clubs in Singapore....
Introduction to Angel Investing
How should Angel Investors behave?
After interacting with numerous VCs, Angels and Founders, i realize that while there has been much improvement in the quality of our founders and some improvement in the VC quality....

Fellow Angel Investor's Stories

Interview with an Angel
Helena Wasserman Eriksson
In this edition of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with Helena Eriksson, Angel Investor and Founder of Stage 6...
Interview with an Angel
Victor Quah
In this session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with full-time angel investor, Victor Quah. Victor is a Malaysian angel that actively invests...
Interview with an Angel
Sam Gibb
In the first session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with Angel Investor and Partner at Endeavor Ventures, Sam Gibb. As a seasoned angel investor...

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